Selecting right Carpet for your home decor

Carpet selection for your home decor is not a casual decision. After all it is a major investment and you should consider various pros and cons before selecting the right carpet for your home decor. Buying the carpet of your choice is just like buying a new house or a new car. You take every precaution to make sure your investment is justified to give you expected return. When you decide to buy a carpet you do lot of survey and make plenty of enquiries at different stores to ensure the quality, color, design and other features you are looking for.

What are the features you have in mind when you visit a carpet dealer? First you select the color of the carpet that suits your taste. You should avoid light color if you have frequent movement of children and pets. Light color carpets may require extra cleaning and brushing. You may also prefer matching carpets with your existing interior decor like window, walls and other furniture settings.

Quality of texture and fiber of carpet is equally important. We encourage you to avoid buying from unscrupulous dealers who may try to mislead you by concealing relevant information about their product. Their objective is to secure your order by showing you the brighter side of the picture. These dealers sometimes may be unaware of the minute details relating to the quality of their merchandise and hence they may not be able to handle your queries. It will be in your own interest to visit reputed carpet manufacturers or prestige outlets. They will offer you right product at reasonable price. Carpets made of good texture material with high density will surely last long.

Your budget plays vital role in selecting the right carpet for your home decor. Traditionally, carpets were made of woolen fibers which were more appealing and durable. These days woolen carpets are considered a luxury because they cost more. A woolen carpet might cost something between $35-50 per square yard. Carpets made of polyester fiber are comparatively cheaper. You can also opt for nylon fiber carpets which are great in demand because of their harder surface and lower cost. You can get them in price range of $20-25 per square yard. Nylon fibers are stain resistant and easy to clean.

Last but not the least; don't ignore proper padding of your carpet. You would want to protect your costly from getting damaged by heavy furniture legs. Proper padding prevents your carpet from such damages and it also helps in water absorption up to some extent.

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